4 Image Replacement Methods Using CSS

Image Replacement method is not merely a way to replacing the text to images for fonts that might not available on computer of the client, also it can be use generally for enhancing the outlook of the website by inserting some beautiful typography created in adobe photoshop. Today’s post presented 4 image replacement methods using CSS that can be implemented to make your site fine-looking.

Basically image replacement is a technique that lets you to replace the particular text with the image containing this text with the help of Cascading Style Sheets. Simple way of displaying image in HTML is using img tag but it have many limitations such as, if image is blocked by the user or for text-based web browsers it become of no use. Hence there are many different image replacement techniques created by professionals to address all these issues. In this post we presenting some these tutorials which taught image replacement techniques.

Fahrner Image Replacement

stopdesign questions about the usability of the the Fahrner image replacement technique because in most browsers it come up with nothing when images are blocked by the users or in the text-based browsers. In the end of tutorial it proposed an alternative technique.

classic FIR

Radu Image Replacement

This technique talked about creating a large box that goes out of screen on the left side and the image is placed at the top left corner of the box. In this case the text is left justified and that is not visible. This techniques create some problems when images are off in the browser.

radu method

Phark Image Replacement

This method uses the technique that replaced block with the background image and make text not seen by setting its indent value but this technique also failed when the images are off in a particular browser.

phark method

Lindsay Image Replacement

Russ weakley in this method uses very small text size to hide the text and matching its color with backround color of image. This also dont work when images are off and also can be penalized by search engines, due to small text size and color of the text that makes it hidden to users.

Lindsay method

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