5 Form Designs Using CSS

Forms are generally used to take the information from the visitors. Beautiful and eye-catching form design is always useful to instigate visitors to keep their attention on forms, so that they are able to fill form without losing attention. This post presents some pretty form designs that you can use in your websites.

Nowadays the worth of table less form designs is getting high, as it can have a good impact in terms of SEO. From the user point of view, the thing that really matters is the outlook of the form. In this tutorial we provide 5 different resources for designing beautiful forms.

Pure CSS Form

Antonio at woorkup gave an example how to create a form by using CSS only without involving HTML tables in it. You can also download the source code and use it in your projects.

Fancy Form Designs in CSS

Cameron at sitepoint css articles explained some techniques of designing form elements such as labels, inputs, checkboxes, radio buttons, select boxes, and textareas, and provided some examples and screenshots.

Table Less Forms

jefhowden presented a tutorial about theĀ  table less, css only form. It discussed that most of them are not good. It also talked about the cross browser compatibility of those and presented a example that can be used by anyone.

table less forms

Styling the Forms with CSS

cssplay comes up with some examples of forms styling with CSS. It discuss that forms are not always friendly when designed in CSS that may reuqired some modification with respect to other browsers.

styling the forms with css

Accessible CSS Forms

nick at alistpart explained a different approach for designing the forms, he uses fieldset and unordered list for items inside the form. He provided both html and css code that enables you to implement this kind of form in your future projects.

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