Creating Sticky Footer in CSS

There are many ways of creating sticky footers with CSS can be found on internet. There can be some cross-browser compatibility issues related to these sticky footers if not properly hack applied.

The “Sticky Footer” terminology in web designing means to create a web page footer that always stick with the bottom of the web page. CSS/HTML professional developed many ways to create these sticky footer with different ways. Today we are going to present some of them.

Pure CSS Sticky Footer

lwis presented a way to create a sticky footer that uses pure CSS. It divides its tutorial into four sections; HTML markup, body stretching, positioning the footer,  and finishing touches. It also provided the code to play around.

pure css sticky footer

CSS Sticky Footer

cssstickyfooter talked about different sticky footers that have been created by different website design professionals and made a bit of comparison, and it presented a sticky footer CSS, HTML code that can adhere most of the commonly used web brwosers.

css sticky footer

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