Tutorials and Examples of Styling Paragraphs With CSS

P tag is one of the most widely used tags in websites. Paragraph tag is usually used for the text contents, so we can make text presentation beautiful and more readable by styling paragraph tag with CSS. In this post we collected some tutorials and examples of styling paragraph tags.

In the web designing world changes come at rapid pace. It is always good to learn new and upcoming techniques in order to keep up with web designing world. HandyCSS is playing its part by keep buzzing you with different CSS tutorials, tips, how-tos, and other useful CSS resources. Today we collected some useful techniques for styling Paragraphs with CSS.

CSS Paragraphs for Newbies

webconcerns provided a tutorial about styling paragraphs with css for beginners. In this tutorial it explained different properties by using them in the HTML paragraphs. It give some code examples that you can change as per requirement.

css paragraphs for beginners

Fancy CSS Paragraphs

miswebdesign come up with some tricks to make paragraph beautiful. At start it talked about that long text pages usually look dull with no styling. It is better to style the paragraphs with so that it instigates to read and facilitate the reader while reading. This tutorial shown some paragraph styling ways using border, margin, and padding.

fancy css paragraphs

Some Examples of Paragraph Typography

jontangerine in its useful article “12 examples of paragraph typography” presented some examples of styling paragraphs. It provides a lot of options that you can apply in your websites. Sample code for each example is also give.

12 examples of paragraph typography

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