line-stacking-strategy CSS Property

For the purpose of describing the line stacking strategy line-stacking-strategy attribute of CSS is used for line boxes that are stacking inside containing block element. You can also use line-stacking to do so.

Definition Of line-stacking-strategy property:

The line-stacking-strategy property of CSS helps in defining the line stacking strategy for stacked line boxes.

What line-stacking-strategy property can do?

With the help of  line-stacking-strategy property it is possible to declare the line stacking strategy. There are four different pre defined values for this property that are inline-line-height, block-line-height, max-height, and grid-height.

How to use CSS line-stacking-strategy property?


line-stacking-strategy: [value];


line-stacking-strategy: gridheight ;

line-stacking-strategy: max-height ;

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